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    I have had my Treo 600 for almost a month now and absolutely love it!

    I have two nagging questions that come up frequently:

    1) Re the Display Preference, I find myself using it a lot to change the display's brightness to adjust to differing lighting conditions. It is a little tedius to have to go to Home>Preferences>Display in order to change the brightness. Is there anyway to add a shortcut to take me directly to the Display screen? (I do not think that it can be made a favorite.)

    2) I use my Memos a lot and leave them sorted in chronological order. But when I do a memo, go someplace else on the 600, and return, the Memo function returns to the top memo (the oldest one), not to the last one that I just created. (I recall that on my Treo 300, it would always open up to the bottom memo (the last one that I had created). Does anyone know if it is possible for the Treo 600 to open up to the last memo created (or possibly to reorder the display so that it is listed in REVERSE chronological order)?

    Thank you.
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    There are two ways of solving this, one obvious and the other not-so-obvious.

    Hitting the function key (silver key on left side of keyboard) + the "p" key will switch to "night-mode". This will dim the screen and light up the keyboard for night view quickly.

    Another way that I found to solve the bright screen was to download a free app. called "Colorize". What I did was create a color scheme in negative colors. In other words, you can still see everything (better actually) because of the white print on a black background.

    Do a search and you should be able to find a link to this great application.


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