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    Ok, my 600 cuts off and reboots when i try and "share" a picture. As soon as i select the contacts email to send the pic to, it cuts off and back on. I've done a hard boot, (which looses all your information) and it works until i sync up with my PC. I use Outlook, on a new IBM laptop T23.

    SprintPCS is no help, they basically said we dont know, we'll research and get back to you (yeah right), and Handspring is no help either. I made Sprint send me another brand new 600, and the same exact problem exist, so it cant be the phone.

    Does anyone have any ideas????

    Thanks for the help!!!!
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    I think your contacts database is out of synch somehow.

    Try going into Calendar, tap on a record and from the Options menu choose Phone Lookup. If this lookup also causes a crash, your contacts list is causing the problem. Likewise if you tried addressing an SMS message (I know you cannot send SMS yet but you can attempt to send it to see the effect.)

    I have suggested on the board before that in these cases, your contacts list may be operating under an index that is not supposed to be used on a 600. The contacts are meant to be stored sorted by lastname/firstname or by firstname/lastname. Some other address book applications allow you to sort by company and may disturb this indexing on a 600.

    Go into the Contacts. Select Options|Preferences. From the item List By: Select whichever sort option is not selected and hit the OK button. Now go back and revert the selection to what it was and hit OK. The database has been resorted correctly.

    Your crash bug should disappear after this.

    If it does not, the problem is a deeper one with your Contacts datafile being corrupt in some fashion. If this has happened, I suggest exporting it to a CSV file on the desktop and re-importing it into a new username. This is tricky if you happen to use Outlook.

    In other words, a new Contacts database will not crash but yours does. You may have to start again and somehow recreate the file from your old data. I dont know of any tools to clean up a corrupt Contacts file - anyone?

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