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    The filp top face cover for my Treo 90 just broke off. Is there anyone selling replacement parts for these units. I checked the Handspring site and did not see any there.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Tom

    Call Handspring at 888-565-9393 and tell them you need a new cover. You can call M-F 8am-12am (ET), Sa 12pm-4pm (ET). It costs $6.95 including tax and shipping.


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    I called this number and they no longer sell parts for the Treo 90.

    Anyone have a few dead 90's and want to sell flip covers? There are several posts from folks like me that want to buy one.

    I almost bought dead 90 on Ebay just for the cover until I noticed that the shipping was $16.90!! What a scam.

    Thanks for any help
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    I called Handspring (er, palmOne) and they said that they no longer sold flip covers.

    We only bought the Treo 90 a few months ago, this is ridiculous. I also looked on eBay to no avail.

    I was told to send email to Customer Support but they weren't any help either.

    I've been looking around at cases to use to protect the screen. Anyone have a reccomendation for a nice tight-fitting case that we can use instead of the flip cover?

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    To my knowledge there isn't a tight fitting case for the 90. People do use cases with their 90, but there isn't one made for the 90. I've never used a case with my 90 so I can't recommend one. I'm sorry about you not being able to get a new cover. That really makes me mad. I just got my cover in September. I'm gonna be screwed then this one breaks.

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    I would suggest buying a non-working T90 for cheap, then you'd have a replacement cover and even a battery perhaps.
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    I just bought a leather case on ebay for the 90 thats made for treos in general, not just the 90. Seems like a nice snug fit, however
    1) I dont have a flip cover to insert into that part of the case, so I dont know how the exact fit would be, and
    2) While the outside is leather, the inside is a clear plastic that kinda covers the keyboard.

    Anyone wants details email me and I can give you the name of the person I got from.
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    No luck finding flip top for treo 90 after searching for some solid time..on this site found this article for a case that may be a suitable compromise...
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    I found another case (not the previously mentioned one-that was a piece of crud) made by PDAir on Ebay. Beautiful leather and fit was awesome. Highly recommended. Very similar to the one mentioned in the article smadanek pointed out.
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    This is a reply to the person who emailed me regarding the above case- I tried emailing you but all my messages got bounced back and the bulletin board would not let me email you--

    I found it on ebay, here is a link to the sellers website I went there real quick just now and did not see any,
    but do email him and see if he has any or is getting any. He may be able to
    point you in the right direction. I found him to be very good seller,
    lightnign fast shipping at a very reasonable cost.

    Any other questions I can answer let me know.

    Glad I could help

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