I received my Treo 600 from Sprint about a week ago. I was happy with it except for slow browsing using Blazer. (I was considering sending it back for this reason as I will need the internet connection frequently).

I tried several other browsers, namely iSilo, PalmComm, Tapliner (which are apparently not compatible with Palm OS5), & WebPro. WebPro was somewhat better, but still very slow.

I then found WebToGo on Hanango's website. and installed the Lite version. Their browser uses a newer handheld optimization technology that actually works incredibly well. I can tell you that page loads were TONS faster than with Blazer or Web Pro.

This browser is awesome! It is incredibly quick, especially when loading pages without pictures (set in your profile).

One word of caution though. When using the Lite version, you can't configure it to connect via Sprint PCS. It automatically connects to a new network connection "WebToGo" (which you can see in the Palm's preferences/network window), which apparently dials up to Sprint's 2G number which then charges 39 cents per minute (over and above the $15.00 per month paid for unlimited web service). Unfortunately, I figured this out after about 300 minutes of browsing!

I contacted WebToGo support (via their website at www.webtogoeurope.com) and they gave me a 2 week 'license' to use WebToGo Pro, which allows you to configure your own network settings. (The use of the Pro version costs $33.00 per year-well worth it for me considering the fast speed. There is not a different prc file; it automatically changes from Lite to Pro on your palm after browsing, but only after you get a 'license' number).

I've had problems getting WebToGo to automatically connect to Sprint PCS Vision. Sometimes I have to manually connect to Sprint PCS in the preferences/network window, then open the browser. In other words, I can't figure out what the exact settings should be in the "assistant" window of WebToGo where network preferences are set. I've also set up "Personal Network Settings" which you can find in the drop-down menu on the Assistant page, and I've unchecked "Autodetect" as well.

Has anyone else had experience with this that is also using Sprint's service? Can anyone tell me what the exact settings should be?

(Sorry for the long length of this message)