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    I'm coming over from Sprint, and have a question for you T270 users on Tmobile:

    Do you have to pay for text messaging, and Unlimited internet, or does unlimited internet include unlimited messages and email?

    Should I consider just going with the T-zones Pro unlimited service for $10/mo? What am I missing out on vs. the $20/mo service?

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    The basic T-Mobile service includes 50 text messages/mo. There are two options, for 19.95/mo you can either get 10Mbytes of data per month plus 500 text messages or unlimited data with no additional text message. To the unlimited plan, you can add 300 text messages for 2.99/mo.
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    And what is the T-Mobile equivalent of Sprint Business Connect? Is there a similar service that ties into Exchange Server giving you access to email, calendar, etc? I'm pretty used to having nice Palm apps that keep me in sync with Outlook...

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