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    I'm using PocketMirror Pro to sync multiple Outlook calendars to my Treo600, and am using Chapura's bundled calendar app that supports categories to be able to switch between different sets of calendar data.

    (For those who are curious - I'm using Microsoft's TeamCalendar app to sync my whole team's schedules into one calendar file in outlook, which I sync using a category called "Team Calendar" - works great to be able to quickly see what everyone is doing).

    Anyway, compared to the standard Treo Calendar app, the Chapura calendar is very bare-bones and doesn't support the 5-way nav. Does anyone know of a more full-featured calendar app that supports both categories and the 5-way?

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    Datebk5 is the best calendar out there. Check it out at It is also arguably one of the best palm programs of all.

    It supports categories and the newest beta version supports the 5-way button. Do a search for datebk5 on to find the discussion group and the most current release.

    The author is constantly updating the program with new versions and bug fixes.
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    Thanks heberman - I found it and started looking at it after my post. I have the lastest version I could find, 5.1a,s1 loaded. While the 5way up and down arrows move between dates, that's about it. Doesn't seem to be a way for the full 5 way navigation within a page, etc.

    Am I missing something?

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    Never Mind - I found the thread here

    And it DOES support categories and the 5-way!


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