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    I HATE THE CARBON COLOR i want the silver color for my t600 for sprint. does anyone know if it's possible to change the body case?
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    why? The carbon colour version looks great and is less likely to show scratches.
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    That's true but the carbon color looks cheap!!!
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    I'm waiting for the silver GSM version, but if I had a choice, I would probably pick the dark version. (the grass is always greener....)
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    Having read this thread I must say...ARE YOU INSANE?!? The carbon color LOOKS cheaper? But the silver one that is the SAME, EXACT color as the Treo300, which looked INCREDIBLY cheap, doesn't? That proves two things:
    1. You can't EVER please everyone.
    2. There is NO accounting for taste.
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    I personally think the Carbon color looks cool.. plus since GSM is Silver and more carries will have it, the Carbon won't be as common.

    As is always the case, some with Carbon want Silver and those with Sillver will want Carbon.

    Why not start a thread or a new section on this board looking for people willing to swap cases if possible. If not, when it's in a case, it looks black anyways
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    I love the carbon look. I liked the silver on the 300, but I do think I prefer the gun metal on the 600 even better (and moreso since it hopefully won't scratch off)
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    I thought I wouldn't like the carbon color until I received mine, and I love it. Wouldn't have the "cheap" looking silver.

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    Does anyone think this would look cool? I found a vendor that would do it for $30.00. I'm sure it could be done cheaper.

    Then the question is - could you get the handspring logo back on over the chrome plating?

    Of course you would have to be able to take the phone apart so you could send in just the case.

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    yes aprox $30 plus 7.95 s/h -4 weeks aprox time
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    if so, how much?

    I could disassemble the phone and mail just the plastic outer case.

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    Originally posted by coreysapp

    ...4 weeks aprox time
    Besides shiny chrome being a little too flashy for my tastes, I don't think I'd want to be without my new phone\pda for 4 weeks.
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    we are all avoiding the answer you cannot as the other 600 cases wil not accomodate the bump at the ear piece...sorry.
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