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    When accessing websites with links to documents or jpegs (e.g. .doc;.xls;.jpg) an option is given to download the file and then open it with the appropriate utility (e.g. DataViz, JPEGWatch, etc.) (Note this is via Blazer 3 on a Treo 600)

    However, when attempting to save MP3's I get the error

    "Unsupported Media Type - The file you have requestedis in a format that is not currentlty supported. You will need to install an application which can read this file type if you would like to load it"

    Well duh, pTunes does support it! Anyone have any idea how to download MP3s to the SD-Card via a webpage link. I like to listen to a specific program everyweek, and not having to download it to the computer and transfering it to the card would make life a lot easier!
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    I've been searching for the answer and The Great Google brought me here. I should know better than to waste time looking in a manual... always look to the forums!
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    The WebPro browser lets you download files (supported types or not) to the treo or the sd card. Look in the WebPro vs Blazer thread under the Treo 600 discussion to learn more.
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    Thanks for the information!!!! I downloaded WebPro3 and it worked like a charm. As a browser I don't like it (I prefer Blazer 3), but it does let me download the one radio program MP3 I want directly to my memory card.
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    That's exactly why I would want this feature. I grab the Ron and Fez show everyday. What show are you grabbing?

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