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    Well, when I unboxed the thing, I looked a lilttle askance at the ringer and the wireless on/off switches in that they're fancy chrome and probably are just facades over the actual switch mechanisms underneath. sure 'nuff, my ringer switch failed this morning. I bet it's just that the facade switch is no longer properly mated to the actual switch mechanism underneath. so I'll getta report on handspring's return/exchange process. thank goodness I use backup buddy so setting up a new unit will be just a one-button gig (for software -- will have to call Sprint to reg the new ESN I 'spect). Too bad they went for aesthetics rather than retain the T300's rugged (in my experience) direct switch.

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    ah ha, I need to deal with Sprint...


    ...that page contains this text...

    "Treo 600 & 300 on Sprint PCS: All repairs are handled by Sprint PCS. Please contact Sprint PCS directly."

    And I already talked with Sprint cust svc, and was told to "take it to a Sprint store".

    We'll see.

    Hm. My experience with Palm in '98 & '99 was that I explained on the phone that the unit died, and then they mailed me a new unit, and I put the old one in the box and mailed it back to them. It was very smooth, and I didn't have to physically go somewhere out of my way. This already isn't as convenient.

    more later.

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    how odd, the paste of the url into this silly form didn't work right.

    here's another try..

    Handspring-branded Product Repair Sevice

    ..ok, that's better.


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