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    Okay, so I know that this has been asked numerous times throughout the forums, but there appears to be no consensus on the issue.

    Is it possible to wireslessly sync one's Outlook calendar/contacts WITHOUT using a server-based approach (i.e. Goodlink)?

    What are people doing to make this happen. Thought we could get some ideas posted. Thanks!
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    It depends on how you connect your PC to the Internet, what router/firewall you have and whether you have access to those things. If you are talking about a business PC, then you probably have no choice but to use something like the Sprint Business Connection. It is prety inexpensive at $5 per month and providing the providing the company doesn't have any firewall restrictions it works quite well . Mail arrives directly on the phone within minutes of landing in my inbox. Also any email I send or reply to ends up in my sent folder on my PC.

    Even for a home PC it would be usefull because you don't need to wory too much about security. I have used it for a while and have been very very happy with it.

    I am lucky and have access to our company router and firewall. I have set up a VPN using the MERGIC vpn client on my TREO. With the VPN I can also do remote hotsync. It is prety slow. Depending on how much I choose to SYNC it can be 5 or more minutes. If I am out of the office for a while it is a neat way to backup.

    I am sure there are ways to do a direct network sync to a home PC with no firewall but . . .
    Adam West
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    I've wanted to do this for a long time and when I got my Treo 600, I was bound and determined to figure out how. If you have a PC connected to a cable modem with a public IP address, right click on the hotsync icon on the bottom right of your PC and put a check next to network. Then on your treo, open hotsync app, click modem and set up PCS Vision under the hotsync icon. Choose network for modem sync preference. Choose LANsync. Input Primary PC name and primary PC IP address. That's the easy part. Most likey, you have a router or firewall and you'll have to use forwarding. In IE type the IP address of the router, for linksys it is with default password admin, click the advanced tab and forwarding. Map the local IP address of your PC to ports 14237 and 14238 for TCP and UDP. Then use !! for your primary PC name and your public IP address ( If you want to hotsync to work, get Mergic VPN and Mergic ping. You have to work with your firewall admin but they can set you up with a username and password in five minutes. I could not get it to work until I went to details, advanced, and unchecked encryption required. We have a Cisco PIX firewall for our VPN. You need to know the IP address of the VPN server and have a user name and password. After Mergic VPN establishes a connection use Mergic ping to see if you can ping your work PC IP address. To determine your PC IP address, start>run>cmd>"ipconfig /all".
    If you can ping from your Treo then your home free, just hit hotsync. It is slow and often unreliable but it is the only way to automatically keep your calendar up to date when on the road or at home short of some kind of enterprise server like goodlink. Use PalmVNC in case you need to remotely set up your PC. Hit the hotsync bottom a couple of times until you hear the syncing sound and then walk away. Come back in fifteen minutes and your all synced. Wonderful.
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    Fantastic tip - thanks!

    Am I the only one however, who thinks that this is a somewhat obvious area for some abitious coder (since HS appears not to be interested) to fill a niche and make some $?

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