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    I noticed this last night for the first time, While I'm on a call the backlight will dim, as it should. I tried using sandman for the first time. It did in fact turn off the display, for about 1 minute. Then the display came back on by itself. I was not even holding the phone, it was sitting on my desk. After that I noticed that the backlight would dim, then go full bright in what appeared to be 1 minute cycles.

    Any thoughts as to what may cause this? I have no hacks loaded, but I do have the demo of Treo Alert Manager 2.03 installed.

    Incidentally my phone did last over 3 hours (not sure of exact amount) with lots of usage during the day. Way longer than my Treo 300 ever did!
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    I found in another thread that Treo Alert Manager may be causing strange things with the backlight. Indeed it is... I set the timer to 150 seconds, and now the backlight stays off, and the backlight does not cycle between dimmed and on.

    Any word on a fix for this?
    I'm using the demo, and am not willing to purchase it while this error exists. I hope it can be fixed though!

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