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    I was a bit disturbed to find out that you cannot receive calls while using Vision. I'm a GPRS user and this just seems unfathomable. If someone calls you while you're in a call, will you receive any sort of notification that someone left you a voicemail, or paged you, or sent you and SMS? I'm trying to figure out if I can at least find out when a call has come in almost immediately after, otherwise, this device is pretty useless as a phone.

    Also, while you're using Vision, can you receive SMS using Treo600SMS or other programs?
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    You can have a Vision connection (Gray arrows) and be fully functional. It the arrows are green, then data is being x-fered and you can't get a call. But how often do you get non-stop data? I hae surfed my but off w/ both the T300 and T600 and worse case, been notified 30 seconds later. Most of the time, it pops up and I think, I thought I was getting data, how did that sneek through?
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    Thanks. That's definitely a relief. I'm hardly downloading data, usually just IMing, surfing, or writing emails, so I should be fine for calls.
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    That is all data though, but this "problem" is only when it's being sent or received. Watch your arrows and the colors. As I said, I have not had an issue with it. Most of the time, I am supprised that I get the call when surfing.

    I think you"ll be just fine.
    Regards, Matt
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    A voice mail indication should come very quickly after the data connection becomes dormant. As I've said in other places, if you CANNOT afford to miss calls, you really can't use Sprint's network and web services. If you can afford the occasional miss (as most people can), then it's fine.

    I think the "problem" is that most people don't understand this, and of course Sprint isn't exactly interested in spreading the word... IMO, GSM/GPRS is much better from a user's point of view, although data transfer rates are slower.

    You takes your pick, etc...

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    Check out this thread, it may help.

    Marc, If you can't afford to miss a call, you can't afford to use a cell phone then LOL...
    At least it has gotten a lot better....
    I didn't know that on a GSM service you can do both, thanks for the education. Matt
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    While streaming audio, I receive voicemail notification. I don't believe there is a "break" in the stream to allow this, so... I dont think THAT should be a concern. But you wont know when people call, which kinda sucks if they dont leave a message.

    This happens to me while surfing, etc... It'd be nice to have the call pop up, but I dont care that much. I can miss calls, they can leave a message, I'm busy, right?
    -Treo 600 on Sprint

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