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    I have had a problem with my Treo 600 retaining cookies. I tried the fix of deleting the WebCookies file and cleaing the Blazer cache, and I also tried the hard reset/re-synch route. And after all that, it is STILL not keeping cookies.

    Any other ideas? This is very frustrating.

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    No one else has had this problem??
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    If it makes you feel better I have the probelm too. But I don't have a solution. It seems to be wost with Yahoo. But other sites are affected too.
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    I know it doesn't help your problem but from the title of your post, I was first going to recommend a good dose of Pepto Bismo.
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    Originally posted by MikeElmendorf
    STILL Losing my Cookies
    I'm eating them right now.

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    Originally posted by NicholasX
    If it makes you feel better I have the probelm too. But I don't have a solution. It seems to be wost with Yahoo. But other sites are affected too.
    Can you login to the mobile site? Is your cookie retained there?

    If cookies work on one site but not on others, then it's not the phone.

    Many sites, Yahoo included, do a browser detect. Blazer 3.0 identifies itself as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 95; PalmSource; Blazer 3.0) 16;160x160"

    Internet Explorer on Windows XP identifies itself as "Browser : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)"

    My suspicion is that Yahoo is detecting an unsupported browser and simply not setting the cookie (probably from the reported screen resolution). Can anyone login to the main Yahoo site from their Treo?

    The Treo 600 uses a brand new browser, we can expect that many sites will not fully support it.
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    Yes, I was able to log into and it DID retain my login.

    Maybe you have something there. I can't log in anywhere else, though.

    Yikes, VERY VERY bad for Blazer. It's a real pain to not be able to get mail from Hotmail, etc.

    Has anyone contacted Sprint or the maker of Blazer for an ETA on a fix?
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    Originally posted by Zaud

    Has anyone contacted Sprint or the maker of Blazer for an ETA on a fix?
    The only "fix" along these lines would be for Blazer to identify itself as something it is not. While possible it's frowned upon.

    We want Blazer to identify itself correctly so that savy site designers can tailor their content for our device. We need to send the offending sites an email complaint and hopefully it will be addressed in a future version of their site.

    Browser detects are often improperly done in the Internet community and website business owners are usually not savy enough to even ask about them.

    Besides, the site's business owners are only concerned about supporting a stated percentage of potential users, not about supporting them all. With the success of Internet Explorer your average site can support 95% of the users on the Internet by supporting only one browser. Not supporting other browsers is an easy business decission to make.

    Sorry for the tangent...
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    I posted this on a Hotmail thread earlier this evening....

    It is quite possible that one or more of your third party apps are incompatible with the T600 and disabling cookies. I had the same problem and it drove me crazy. Hard reset, soft reset, still could not access hotmail. I then began deleting third party apps until I found the one screwing up my cookies. It was an expense program I downloaded from Palm One. Once I deleted it everything was back to normal.

    From the main screen->menu->delete-> delete your third party apps one at a time, perform a soft reset after each deletion and then try to sign into hotmail/yahoo/whatever. Once you delete the faulted app (if this is your problem) cookies will work again. Then just hotsynch and reinstall all but the screwed up app.
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    Just in case: have you tried increasing the SIZE of your cache?

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    I can not explain when it happens but at some point I lost the ability too gain new cookies but retain all previously set cookies. Therefore I deleted the WebCookies file and immediatley set all my cookies by hitting all the websites I knew needed cookies. TC, eBay, Yahoo etc. Have not had a problem with any of those since. If it stops again I will still have access to the web cookies I alrady have in the file but will not be able to add any others unless I start again by deleting the webCookies file. FWIW.

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    If misery loves company, I just wanted to let you guys know that I too am having cookie problems. I have tried all of the homeopathic remedies listed, but my T still refuses to save cookies for many of the sites I frequent.
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    This worked for me...

    1) Download FileZ from Handango or Palmgear.
    2) Use FileZ to delete the "Web Cookies" file, which will be recreated once Blazer hits a site using cookies.

    Try it out, if that doesn't work, try it in combination with a soft reset.
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!

    PS-- Thank You!
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    You're welcome. I found it searching the forums, but I can't remember who posted to give credit. Your thanks and mine go out to that poster too!
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    Rhong -

    Already did that. Worked for a day or so. Not working again.
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    Deleting cookies from the regular desktop worked for me.

    Hotmail is now working.

    Sounds like a combination of issues described here is the solution.
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    Rhong -
    Already did that. Worked for a day or so. Not working again.
    Did you try my suggestion above about a possible conflict with third part apps??
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    How do you set SMS alerts with mobile hotmail? Where do you do that?
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    I too am having cookie problems on my Treo 600.

    In fact, I can't even access without having to login each time with my ID and password. Its apparently not creating a cookie to remember this info.

    The auto-login with cookie feature was working just a week ago on my Treo 600, but it suddenly stopped.

    Anybody have any idea what's wrong with my browser/device?
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