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    as an anecdote to the above post, I met with the guy who runs eGrips yesterday (he lives in the Dallas area, as do I). He wanted me to check out these little nubbies that he's going to offer to go onto the center of the nav-pad. They fit perfectly and do help with selecting the center of the pad, esp when driving and the like (to answer a call via my custom car kit thingie - eyes on the road, thank you very much).
    He'll be making them available soon, he says....
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    If you have a contact for eGrips, I would appreciate a PM to pass that info on to me.

    I placed an order with them back on 10/30. They charged my amex card on 10/30, but I haven't received anything. I have sent 2 followup email messages to their "customer service," just to try to find out something about this. No one has had the courtesy to reply. I too live in Texas so I can't believe it takes 9 days for delivery.
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    Norpah, did you notice on Egrips' site that it takes up to three weeks to ship? Egrips apparently doesn't cut the pieces for any particular device until they receive an order.
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    eGrips has my money and I have no product!

    Most businesses do not charge a credit card until they have a product to ship. This had been my experience with Handspring, TreoCentral,, Barnes&Noble, eBay merchants, and just about eveyone elso I do business with. I do most of my shopping on the internet, so I consider myself pretty savy in this area.

    No where on the eGrips website does it indicate a customer must prepay for a product that doesn't exist yet. They should not charge a credit card until the product is available for shipping. Had they done this, I would not have a problem. I simply can't understand why they do not have the courtesy to respond to any of my inquiries.
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