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    I just received my new Treo 600 yesterday!!

    I was trying to configure some software and discovered that I can't figure out how to cut and paste with the T600. With Palm, you could use the grafitti command to cut and paste-- but you can't do that since the T600 doesn't support grafitti.

    I looked in the index of the user's manual, and the only reference for cut/paste of text is for Blazer (which apparently has it's own menu commands for cut and paste).


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    Manual. P. 80

    Those steps work in other applications as well.
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    Page 80 of the manual was what I had seen before (and tried).
    What if that doesn't work?

    In particular, I was trying to configure Mocha Telnet (since it's the only one I've been able to find that has SSH2 support). I was trying to cut and paste IP addresses into it's setup. Unfortunately, it doesn't have either 'Cut' or 'Paste' in it's menus (and some of the dialog interfaces don't recognize the menu button on the T600-- or at least it didn't bring up any menu when I pressed the button).

    Any other suggestions.



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