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    well our distributor is brightpoint, we are only making $150 per unit after gst etc.

    I dont think that is an unreasonable margin to expect.

    We sold 5 in the first batch of orders (2 came from this list).

    We were able to deliver product unlike some others that are currently advertising at lower prices.

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    What can I say - love the treo - the 'old' Tungsten T is collecting dust now ..

    Some points:

    - keyboard is good - takes some minutes to get used to
    - camera sucks, dont get a treo if you want a good built in camera
    - receiption is good - better than t68i I have
    - voice quality is fine - probably bit better on the t68i
    - only one device is carry is sweet ...
    - ordered egrips after its first drop onto carpet (slippery sucker this is)
    - included case is ok to protect but cannot answer calls when in case. investigating options
    - almost all of my OS5 apps work bar billards and timesheet
    - forgot all about it being lowres until a guy over the phone asked did I worry about going down in res. The screen is a lot smaller than normal so it helps cut down on the jaggies

    Cant say where I got it or how much I paid - secret at the moment :-)

    Attached is picture to give you a feel of the included accessories - email if you want to know more. I was concerned about spending so much on a device I had'nt seen yet so happy to answer questions.
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    Picked mine up in Sydney 10 days ago (I'm From Melbourne) from Harris Technology in Nth Epping. They had five in Stock...$1295. Everything works fine on Telstra. GPRS is fast for email, much faster than my previous smartphone, P800. Sooo much easier to use than that Sony thing. All good.
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    yep, I'm a bit disspointed in the case, seems silly not to have a plastic cover to see the screen through.

    anyone seen a good flip open case with room for business cards etc?

    Does HT have any accesories? we haven't seen anything from brightpoint at all yet.

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    Walked in to HT in Collingwood on Wednesday to order a cradle...they had one in stock!!! They are on to this bigtime.
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    how much for the cradles? there is a guy selling them on ebay in the USA for $US15 each.

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    Can you lucky folks out there with the treo now in Australia talk about the types and pricing of the voice and GPRS data plans with your network provider like Telstra or Optus or someother.

    Are they offering a bundle type pricing? like data + voice /month for $X amt of money?

    Give me some guidelines to what the telco are charging you.

    Are the T600 you have unlocked? if so, was it hassle free to sign up with the telco?

    I know for sure that Telstra is charging $49/month for unlimited email for the BlackBerry device.

    Thanks mates!
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    Now I didn't have a retail on the cradle, but they charged me $30. I expected a lot more
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