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    A fellow co-worker in the office got his Sprint Treo 600
    yesterday. Both my brother and I have 180's and are on
    T-Mobile. This is our quick synopsis.

    1. The 600 is noticeably heavier but I like the heft. It feels
    much more solid in my hand.

    2. It still fits easily into a shirt pocket.

    3. The screen is readable in direct sunlight. Both of us had
    Sony P800's but went back to the Treo 180. The P800 screen was
    as readable in sunlight as regular room light, the 600 is
    readable but it is somewhat washed out compared to the P800.

    We had no complaints on the display. The resolution is fine.

    4. We talked on both the 600 and the 180 speakerphone side by
    side to get a comparison. The mic on the 600 is MUCH better.
    On the other end the 600 could be heard much clearer than the
    180. The volume of the speakerphone on the 600 is louder but
    not nearly as loud as my i90. I have a Nextel Motorola i90
    also. The 600 is sort of in the middle between the 180 and the
    i90. The speakerphone is improved and decent, but not awesome.

    5. My brother said the keys were too close together and he had
    difficulty typing without errors. I was able to type fine on
    the 600 and I have big hands but slender fingers.

    6. I plugged a phone headset into the 600 to test it and the
    headset was quite loud, as good or maybe better than the i90.
    The standard 2.5mm jack worked perfect with my existing 2.5mm
    headset. You can't unplug the cable easily with the headset
    plugged in as the 2.5mm socket is on the bottom next to the
    charger socket. A minor drawback.

    7. The camera was very good. Although I have a 5MP digital
    camera, the Treo 600 camera did an excellent job for taking
    pictures and recognizing what it was. Although it may not print
    great (we didn't try printing a pic), it looked quite good on
    the screen, almost as good as the LCD screen on my digital

    8. My brother did not like the lack of favorites on the home
    screen. He said with the 180 you just press one button and
    call, with the 600, you have to go to the favorites screen then
    press which is an extra step. For those that call the same
    numbers the majority of the time, this is one extra step but
    then you also much flip the 180 open so technically that's a
    step also. This may be remedied with a 3rd party app or it can
    possibly be done now on the 600, he only spent a few minutes
    with it.

    9. The ringer was loud. We were sitting in a meeting and heard
    something ringing. Our co-worker had left the 600 in his office
    and we heard it clearly from the other office. We did not try
    the vibrate.

    10. The look of the 600 is of much higher quality. The 180
    looks like cheap plastic, the 600 looks like high quality metal.

    Overall, the 600 is MUCH better than the 180 and the 180 was the
    best out there. All that was missing was a voice recorder so
    that we could record meetings and the 600 would be nearly
    perfect but as it stands now, it is the best there is.
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    Thanks for the review. I own an 180 GSM and the only reason I'm considering the 600 is to get a better screen as I have had trouble with the 180 poor contrast. I'm still not completely convinced that it's is worth the $400 for a phone without voice recording/dialing or Bluetooth. I would buy an unlocked 270 if I could find one for less than $150.
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    We would have bought a 270 also but the 270 screen is not that good outdoors. I also took a friend's 270 in the sun and I couldn't read it at all so the 180 was better. The 600 screen solves my problem, I don't have the best vision in dim light. My younger brother has no trouble reading the 180 in dim light but I have trouble reading the 180 in dim light so the 600 is a quantum leap. Even the green screen of the 180 isn't the best at night. The outdoor readability is good and there is no dim light problem with the 600 as with the 180 for me. Plus, both of us have had at least 3 180's each due to hardware failure. The notorious flip wire breakage isn't present with the 600 so you might come out in the long run cheaper with the 600 if the 270 breaks after a year.
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    I have a good used unlocked Treo 270 I will sell you for $150+shipping. My wife and I just got 600's and have no use for the 270 now. Let me know


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