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    I've been playing with HiLauncher and I really like it.

    The best feature is the ability to launch an app from within any other app. No more hitting the home key, and finding the app you want to launch.

    Read a review and someone is also using it with LauncherX so one can have the best of both worlds

    ps. the 600 5-way nav is not supported in the current version but the support at RNS is excellent and they are working on it.

    pps. LauncherX 5-way nav for the 600 is currently beta testing...
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    Thanks for the updates. I use LX and have been wondering about that. Also, just downloaded hilauncher and was hoping it would support 5-way. Is seems like a great program.
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    Now Hi-Launcher 1.1 supports the Treo 600 5-Way Navigator!

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