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    Of those who upgraded with Sprint Service, who here will be waiting longer than me?

    My order was placed at 11:59:11 PST.

    I DID pay for overnight shipping, though (like that'll help).

    Anyone got me beat?
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    I also ordered my Treo 600 upgrade on the 29th. I spoke to Handspring customer service today (trying to change the delivery address), and was told that I should contact FedEx on 11/17. The rep said that would be the only way to change the shipping address... so I'm assuming this is my shipping date.

    Seems like I ordered it ages ago!
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    Hang in there, its worth the wait. Ordered the 24th. Got it yesterday. Enjoying it today. Kept worrying during the long wait that getting it would be a bit of a letdown. Not at all. Although I'm realizing as I type this on my 600 that I need to practice on the new keyboard.
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    So in theory, if I ordered mine on the 27th, I should be getting it on the 15th?
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    To quote Homer Simpson:

    " I agree with you in 'theory.' In 'theory,' Communism works. In 'theory.'"

    God, I can't wait to put some simpsons episodes on my new Treo...

    I better put in my boxwave screen protector order in today. Anyone have first hand experience with how long boxwave orders take to arrive?

    Incidentally, if my ship date is the 17th, and I paid for overnight shipping, maybe I can go in person to the FedEx warehouse and pick it up, like some others did on this board.

    I think I may take some personal time next Tuesday...
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    Heh I ordered my Boxwave screen protector and minisync a couple of days ago. I also got overnight shipping, why? I don't know.

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