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    At the risk of showing my ignorance, I just stumbled across something quite new to me in using the lookup feature in the Contacts on my T600: if you type the first letter of the contact's first name, and the first letter of the last name, it will perform the lookup and filter the list by that criteria. In other words, typing "RS" will get you everyone with those initials. I had been a Treo 300 user for a year before getting the 600 last month and never noticed this function on that device either. Sorry if everyone knew this, but thought I'd pass it on in case there were some like me who didn't.
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    You're right.

    That's pretty slick!
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    That is a great tip. Many of the Treo 300 users have used that, and I'm sure most 600 users will use that. It's the best way to find a contact. I wish other apps used the same method.
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    yep, right there in the manual too! Imagine that!
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    Manual? Manual? We don't need no stinkin' manual.
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    Another great tip right out of the manual!

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