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    I have Verichat and can't seem to ever sign in to MSN despite inputting my correct hotmail login info. I'm with Sprint PCS in socal.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    I have tried every combination of login and password and cannot get onto MSN either. AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo have all worked for me as long as I have had the phone.
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    I'm logged in right now, and haven't had any trouble since the upgrade that fixed the MSN server bug a few weeks back. Not what you want to hear, I'm sure, but you should be able to get on if you have the latest version and the proper login and password.

    Verichat have been very responsive to me when I sent them emails with bugs or feature requests-- drop them a line and let them know.
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    me too having the same problem... can't logon to MSN!!!
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    Downloaded the trial version of Verichat and Treo600SMS.

    1. One of the two apps is causing constant soft resets.

    2. Can't login to either ICQ or MSN with Verichat. Yahoo works fine.
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    Chatter works fine with all four. It will be released tomorrow (11/15). Check out


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