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    My Sprint Treo 600 Find crashes on Word to Go. The System Error Log - Phone dial ##377 - revealed this. Any fixes?
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    I was having issues with the Find function crashing the unit too, and using the ##377 tip showed that it was WordToGo, a component of Docs2Go.

    I then deleted WordToGo, SheetToGo and Documents, but later on, I found out that I didn't need to, as the upgrade installation would have done that for me. You might still want to do if you do not have much space left for application installation. The download is 1.99 MB and it needs space to install as well, so you may need as much as 5 MB of free space (I'm not sure of the actual amount needed).

    I then did the following:

    1) Hit the site from Blazer (Web)
    2) Clicked on "DataViz Handheld Home Page"
    3) Clicked "Treo 600 Users Click Here"
    4) Clicked on the Submit button (even though I did have it installed already, because I wanted the latest version)
    5) Clicked on "Download Now"
    6) Clicked on the "Yes" button when asked if I wanted to download
    7) Clicked on the "Open" button
    8) Clicked on "Yes" when it asked if I want to Transfer/Install it into Applications.
    9) It transferred the program into my applications and while installing, asked if I wanted to overwrite/delete a couple of files and I allowed it to.

    All is good for me now!

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