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    this is my first post, although i've been glued to this forum for the past month, in anticipation of the release of the GSM treo 600. i'm currently using a color Sidekick w/ T-Mo, but i'm going to jump ship to the Treo.

    i do use the Sidekick for heavy internet use, and it works rather well for that. my only concern about the Treo is the low res screen. i know this has been discussed at length. but i haven't seen many actually pictures of the Treo's web browsing capabilities.

    can anyone post some pics of the Treo on various websites?, yahoo, hotmail, anything? some image heavy sites would be nice.

    this is pretty much the only pic i could find of a Treo 600 connectec to a website.


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    Here's a few...

    These shots don't tell the whole story. It looks ALOT better once you're actually using the device and scrolling than these small captures. The device does a very good job reformatting pages for the small display...alot better than PocketPC's. The only other web browser on a phone that I really liked was Opera for the P800/900. Both the T600 and P800 are in the top of their league for what they have to work with.
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    thanks for the pics

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