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    Originally posted by Fuzzy
    How much does leaving Chatter on all day affect battery life?
    A "normal" day with no Chatter runs my Sprint T600 battery down to about 80%. A "normal" day with Chatter (and Quiet AIM) runs it down to about 50%. This pattern may not be may have to do with signal strength or some other parameter at my office and home...but I've observed this consistently over the past couple of months. BTW, I charge the battery every night, so each day begins at 100%.
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    From my perspective, it doesn't really matter how much battery any particular app uses, as long as battery life is "sufficient" for its intended use.

    In my case, the battery lasts about 12-14 hours with Chatter, but I have 5 fully sync'ed IMAP folders with 150+ messages per day, and also IM (all four services) and web use. I also occasionally use the Treo as a phone. For me, this is perfectly fine, since I charge at night and am able to charge during the day if necessary.

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