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    Amazing as it may be, Chatter is finally being released. (Treo 600 only)


    * Simultaneous messaging via MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ
    * SMTP mail support (requires a SMTP host)
    * True "push" IMAP eMail (requires a compatible IMAP host)
    * Full asynchronous operation - no waiting for messages to be received OR sent (IM and email)
    * Runs in foreground or background, awake or asleep
    * Full TCP/IP system (does not use SMS)
    * Messages organized by "contact", regardless of messenger service used
    * Customizable ringers by Contact
    * Full hyperlink support in messages (IM and eMail)
    * Emoticons (smiley) support
    * 5-way navigation support
    * Works with GSM and CDMA Treo 600's.
    * International character support.
    * Many settable preferences and viewing modes
    * Unique interface...
    * Major enhancements from older T270/T300 version
    * All revenues above out-of-pocket expenses go to charity.

    Check out for purchase information (Basically, I'm not sure how it works yet. But there's a 30 day free trial, so I've got time...)


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    Chatter's website says 'coming soon'. How do get the .prc file? Is there a trial available?
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    There will be more information posted next week, including the PRC.


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