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    Has anyone ordered and RECEIVED any T600 cradles from TreoCentral? I was told mine would ship this week, now I get no repsonse from TC.
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    I can't get any response either!!!

    Marcus - - where are you?
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    If TC does not have them, just tell us so we can cancel our order and go to Ebay!
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    At lease give us the courtesy of a response to our emails.

    I would have no clients if I responded (not!) to them like TC responds (not!) to us.
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    someone got a link for the ebay cradles?
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    I sent them an e-mail (from their site) and Marcus e-mailed me back and said they were out of stock but they are expecting more byh mid-November. This was on 11/5.
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    I e-mailed Marcus on Monday. On Tuesday he e-mailed me back and said my order would ship out on Wednesday (yesterday), and I would be e-mailed a tracking number on Wednesday afternoon. I have not heard anything since then.?.?.?.?
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    Marcus emailed me on the 4th saying my order was ready other than the cradle (backordered until 11/15). He asked is they should split up the order and ship the cables and case.

    I responded immediately and haven't heard anything since then. BTW there's some BS in the Treo Store Discussion site about how well they respond to emails.

    I'm getting pissed!! I'm also getting sorry I tried to support the TreoCentral Store!
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    Just received a email from TC Store. My cradle ship 11/6 I have UPS tracking number!
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