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    Well, actually, it's not a clip at all. Scroll down to the bottom of the page at this link:

    I've used the Duro Clip for several of my previous cell phones, for the following reasons. First of all, the Duro Clip is, since it's metal, not plastic, it lasts and lasts. The adhesive is some kind of freaky gorilla-glue stuff that has NEVER come loose on me. Seriously. I have enough confidence in it's adhesive quality that the first thing I did was stick one on the back of my beloved 600. Also, the metal Duro Clip is much smaller than any of the other adhesive clip products on the market, so it makes far less of a bulge if you just want to put the thing in your pocket or set it on the table. Finally, when I do set the device down on a table, the fact that it rests on the metal clip saves much of the surface of the phone from wear and tear. The only parts of the device physically touching anything is the bottom part of the phone and the Duro clip, forming a sort of tripod.

    The Duro Clip is also by far the easiest to clip and unclip from the belt clip portion. And the locking mechanism on the belt clip is much more secure in it's design than the other clips.

    So... I highly recommend it. I like carrying around my baby naked. Why not show off it's breathtaking figure! I put a WriteShield on the screen (tey are the best, accept no other), I got the insurance for the phone from Sprint (just in case), and I don't worry about the crappiness of all the cases on the market, and how much extra bulk they add. The 600 is way to cool a form factor to ruin with a fat-*** case.

    Oh yeah, and one last thing... I attach another belt clip to the dashboard of my car with foam mounting tape, and now I can just clip my 600 into it right next to the radio. Cool! No need for the dashmount device that was mentioned in another post.

    Cmon...hop aboard. GO NAKED!!
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    Thank you for the information.

    (but honestly, it sounds like you work at the company )
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    Oh geez, I can see why you'd say that! I'm actually an anesthesiologist working at a Level 1 trauma center. I do NOT have ANYTHING to do with the company. In fact, I can easily see why a lot of people won't like my idea at all, for fear of scratching up their new toy.

    But...they'd be wrong.
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    gas guru. cute.
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    hi gasguru,

    do you have any pictures of ur phone with the clip on. close ups of the back side would be nice. thanks

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