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    i've put togther a low bandwidth portal site for us treo600 owners and wanted to share it with everyone here.

    i've been thinking about this for a while and i finally got my act together and put down a skeleton.

    all that's there currently is a small selection of my own wallpaper. i've tried to use the enhanced blazer navigation - numbers keys etc. 0 always takes you home for instance.

    i know there are some other site like this - for example has been up and running for a few days now and is looking good - hopefully the sites can compliment each other.

    obviously i'm looking for content too so if anyone has anything they'd like to share, i'd be happy to add it in the right places.

    until the dns propagates fully you can use this link - in the next few hours the real link - - should work.

    look forward to comments and suggestions - for the next day or so until every this working, please use contact us here:

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    Loads quickly but there isn't much there. How are you going to get more content ?

    I like the idea of the FAQ and tips - might be useful to new users but most of us are going to go there to download free stuff.
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    well, i made some wallpaper and ringtones - i was about to start putting together an faq for new users.

    judging by the amount of interest (none) i guess people feel that what's out there already is sufficient.
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    I think you need to 'build it and they will come' rather than 'they will come and I will build it.' In other words, put some content people are interested in and your site will be popular.
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    treode - if you wan't your site to be successful - keep plugging away! However, if you come to the conclusion that it's not getting enough traction, I hope you'll consider being an administrative collaborator with us over at

    Best wishes,

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