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    I am testing the 600 on the emulator, and realized that switching views is no longer available from the bottom left corner anymore (like the 270 had).

    If you set a wallpaper for the treo, the dialpad doesnt display by default. Now I realize you can click on the menu button and click view and change to dialpad.. but is there an easier way to get to dialpad?
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    I set up one of the buttons on the 5-way to pull up dial pad.
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    turn on treo
    left button to the dial pad
    go to display preferences
    for the center button select dial pad from drop down
    for top choice pick show wallpaper then choose your pix

    you give up nothing, because when you
    go left button -------you get wallpaper as desired
    choose center button you get dial pad
    NOW when you choose center button again, you get redial
    and when you press center button again it dials
    This is just like before.......

    SO you give up nothing and get your crappy little wallpaper picture that everyone loves.............

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