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    10 things I hate...

    I hope people can tell me solutions for these annoyances... I really would love to make the Treo the Perfect Device...

    1) no "Alternate" dialing.

    On my Sanyo 6200 (which sucked in about every way), the only good thing was when you were calling someone, it gives you a shortcut to call Alternate numbers for that person. So if I call X at Home, and then X on their Cell, there I did not have to look them up again in the phone book. On T600, to call someone at home, at work, and on their cell means I have to either dedicate three favorites to that person, or look them up in contacts three times. ACK. I miss this every day.

    2) No way to automatically "Add a number" to an Address book entry.
    If someone already in my contacts calls me from a New number, I can't add that number to their contact entry. I can create a NEW contact for the number, or Copy the number, open contacts, find the contact, find a field and then Paste the number. And if I get a call in the middle of this process, I have to start over... But from the "Call Log" there should be an easy way to "Add to Contact"

    3) SMS/AIM messaging just sucks. When someone from AT&T SMS's me, or I am logged into the Web Vision AIM, I get an SMS notification that a SMS/AIM message is waiting for me on their server. I then have to open that message, click on the URL and open a Vision connection, to then see the SMS/AIM. Why doesn't it just SMS me the message? Will this be fixed when sending SMS is added? or is this the way it will always work? Also, the From: fiels is usually "Unknown". Why? Does Treo600SMS fix this? or it is only for sending?

    ( I am testing out Treo600SMS now... )

    4) No saved drafts in "Share Pictures" or SMS
    Many times I have tried to "share a picture" or written an SMS and spent the time to type message, only to find that I can't connect to Vision. Then I get an error, and it throws my message away. Or worse, I am about to send the pic/message, and before I can hit send, I get a phone call, which then throws away my message again.

    5) phonebook lookup in SprintBC is different than everywhere else.
    Instead of searching the way the contacts, and shortmail, searches (first initial, first name, last name), SprintBC will only look things up by last name

    6) inability to assign Pics/Rings to a Contact entry.
    To make a picture appear for my girlfriend's home, mobile, and work, I have to use THREE Favorites entries. I have to set the pics separately and the rings. It's a pain.

    (mRing looks like it could fix the ringer portion of this, if it comes out for T600)

    7) Seems to drop calls more?
    Has anyone noticed if they seem to drop calls more often? or is it just me?

    8) web rendering so SLOW
    When I use PDANet, my laptop downloads at speeds much higher than my Treo. So I know that Treo can download fast, but the post procesing and rendering slows down regular browsing to almost unusable speeds. I am trying the Palm WebPro browser, and seeing if that is actualy faster, using a proxy server.

    9) is it pen based or keyboard based?
    There are definitely times when I am confused, because there is no good way to move the cursor around without pulling out the sylus for a single gesture, then typing awkwardly with one hand, then clicking a button, then putting the stylus back. GraffitiAnywhere sort of helps, but sort of doesn't too.

    10) battery life/no spare
    I know you can buy an external brick, to add onto it, but that is just annoying. Why couldn't they have just built a removeable battery. The battery life is OK when only used as a phone. But when you are listening to MP3s all day while playing chess, and SMSing, I can see the Red battery indicator two or three times a day. Thank god for the sync/charge solution (see below).

    10 things I love

    1) Assigning Favorites to all the buttons on the keyboard.
    I love being able to use the favorites as a Quick Launcher. I have assigned my favorite apps, and numbers to letters on the keyboard, and to launch anything I want, just hit contacts, and hold down the appropriate keyboard letter. This is excellent.

    2) Wireless Email is GREAT. Using Sprint BC has been so easy, after initial setup, now, I have my POP email always available. I can't seem to get access to my desktop PC Documents folder (Error 203), but I don't use the desktop email client anyway. But annoyingly, I can't seem to download attachments (does this work in the POP client?), or send attachments (limitation of BC client). I would like to try Handspring's mail app, if someone could send it to me.

    3) Command Key
    I finally figured out that the menu key is essentially a "Command Key." So to Copy something, hit menu "C", and to Paste menu "P".

    4) Sound Quality / pTunes
    Phone Call sound quality is great (when it doesn't drop). ringers/voice are 10 times clearer and louder than my old phone. pTunes mp3s are awesome, and you get streaming audio with a $10 upgrade. So sweet. The speaker/speakerphone is great too.

    5) nearly infinite call log
    This is just great. Perfect. There is no reason to discard any numbers, really.

    6) Avantgo/Vindigo wireless sync and offline capabilities. It is great that they both can update wirelessly, but when I am in the subway, I can still read my cached versions of NYT and slashdot.

    7) form factor/build quality/sync&charge
    solid gagdet engineering from head to toe (except the SD slot clearance). I love that you can charge from USB port only. That is just good design. If I had to carry around a power brick everywhere, that would have sucked. Not I can throw it on any USB port lying around (usually my laptop), and top off the battery (and dial in, see next point).

    8) PDAnet/WirelessModem
    This is insanely great functionality. Being able to log in with the laptop for emergency internet access is amazing. No more having to search for flaky unencrypted WiFi access...

    9) Forum support
    We all know SPCS support sucks. But fortunately treocentral, and others fills in the gaps betwen what is rally needed and what is provided. I always check the forums with questions first, and for suggestions for applications, and reviews.

    10) Phone/PDA convergence
    This is the most obvious one, but FINALLY I can sync my laptop contacts and calendars with my phone's contacts and calendars. It amazes me that every phone these days ships with a calendar app, and a phone book, and you are expected to manually enter every entry from your home computer into your phone. The conduit software like TrueSync or Sprint's software, never really works, and you end up screwing up your phone's number and your palm's numbers. How many times have I synced my sanyo phone to my palm, to find that now I have duplicates of every one of my phone entries. Or somehow John Smith had been renamed Smith John. Finally, I can rest in peace that if my phone is lost or stolen, that I won't lose all my phone numbers, and I can correct contact information in one place.

    Apps I have installed:
    Treo600SMS (trial)
    pTunes (upgraded to full from Treo version, $10)
    PDANet (purchased, $30)
    SplashID (upgraded to full from Treo version, $10)
    Acrobat Reader (will dump if I need space)
    Web Pro 3.0
    Business Connect
    Graffiti Anywhere
    VMS Mark
    Speedy (last test 588, what's yours?
    Chess Tiger ($15)

    Are there any other essentials people think I need?
    thanks for reading...
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    1 and 6

    It's called the spacebar. And you don't have to make 3 different favorites for each #. The image will come up for all phone numbers under that contact.
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    I am still waiting to receive my Treo 600, but already hate the fact that

    1. There is Voice distortion through headset, disappointing.
    2. There is no option to have ascending ring volume (4 year old Nokia 6185 does)
    3. To install a new ringer you need to email yourself and this is for device that syncs with computer??
    4. Missing voice/call recorder and doesn't seem like its coming ever, the smallest phones have this (Sanyo 6400), but the phone with the most memory on the market doesn't - pathetic.
    5. Vibrating power is weak, need to confirm this.
    6. Sprint locks your intermal modem under Network Options, you can only make data calls to them? HS allowed for this mutilation.
    7. Sprint removed call duration information from call log display and HS allowed it again.

    I wonder if this is why Kyocera and Sprint don't play together anymore. Kyocera 6035 does not have these issues (6 and 7). Perhaps Kyocera 7135 is not available with Sprint because they refused to cripple their phones and sprint refused to carry them.

    All this and I haven't held the phone in my hands yet. If my hate list ever gets to 10, I will return it.
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    Hate #3 – Limitation of Sprint. Treo600SMS will fix this, so will Sprint’s SMS service when they roll it out.

    Hate #4 – Use Shortcuts (Prefs/Shortcuts) to create short text templates that you want to use over and over in SMS or Picture messaging… can also be used in any editable filed in any app.

    Hate #5 – Complain to Sprint… not the Treo’s fault

    Hate #8 – Since the browser is now going directly to full blown webpages, yes it is going to have to d/l a bunch more data and trus will be slower… Try turning off images to make pages load faster (found in Browser Prefs). And there’s always the 3rd party browsers out there that allow proxy use (like WebPro from PalmOne)

    Hate #9 – Most everything can be done with the 5-way… but it does look like some of the lesser used aspects of some of the apps were left out of the 5-way.

    Hate #10 – Look at how you are using it… you’re definitely a power user… MP3s, games, messaging, photos, etc… The battery’s more than twice the size of what’s in the Sprint Treo 300… Frankly I think if you charge it up for just 20 minutes a day you’d see a better lifespan.
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    Originally posted by slffl
    And you don't have to make 3 different favorites for each #. The image will come up for all phone numbers under that contact.
    Are you sure about this? Over the weekend I added my sister's home number as a favourite, with an image. When I tried to show off the caller id photo facility by having her ring me on her mobile, no image appeared. I then added a second favourite with the same image against her mobile number, and the image appeared. Hence 2 favourite slots used.
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    1) Alternate: Spacebar in Favorites page is nice, but not quite the same. I wish you could on the redial menu, pick an alternate number.

    2) thanks for the pictures/contacts tip! that's cool, and when paired with mring, should have the functionality I want

    3) SMS: I am using TreoSMS, and I really like it much better, so I guess this will be fixed when SprintSMS rolls out...

    4) Web speed: I'll try the various browsers, and see how they work. It is a nice emergency solution, and I understand that the browser is more of a cool feature than a usable one. sort of like the camera. but I am glad it does both.

    5) 5-way: it's pretty good overall, just there are times that I have to use the stylus. but that's what it is there for. I am still glad I have a keyboard, though I loved graffiti.

    6) Battery life: basically that is my solution, keep plugging it in. I have it plugged in as much of the day as possible. In my car, my laptop, and the wall at home. I agree I am driving the 600 hard, I just don't understand why it is so difficult to make a removeable battery. But then again, I guess none of the Palm PDAs do either.

    any other suggestions?
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    Originally posted by slffl
    1 and 6

    It's called the spacebar. And you don't have to make 3 different favorites for each #. The image will come up for all phone numbers under that contact.
    That doesn't work for me.
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    Originally posted by slffl
    And you don't have to make 3 different favorites for each #. The image will come up for all phone numbers under that contact.
    No, it won't. It will do the ringtone, but not the image.

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    If you've added extra digits to a favorite to get it to dial a password or credit card number, and for some reason you don't get through, you have to redial from the favorite, because if you redial from the Call Log, then the extra digits get stripped out. Grrr.


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