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    I've got error messages on my Treo 600 after synching up with my Entourage conduit under OS X.

    Come to think of it I had at least one of these errors before on my Treo 270.

    Then (and now) when I searched for a word across my phone the whole thing would crash. The same problem seems to affect Blazer's new bookmarks. One types a word in (a letter in fact) and the machine crashes...

    A hard reset has sorted it all out, but I need to use entourage, at the very least for having new email addresses synched up. I only use the calender in Entourage as a back-up.

    Can anyone shed light on this?


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    I think I saw a post recently about using Entourage X and the 600 (you may want to search the discussions). From what I remember, the person had to disable ALL conduits EXCEPT for the entourage conduit- it then seemed to sync just fine. I use 10.3 and Entourage but waiting on my 600. Good luck and let me know how things work out.
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    I hope this helps some some of your problems. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help, however crash still occuring when I search Treo!?!

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    I sync with entourage, the only problem I have is I can't get the memo pad to sync. But everything else is fine. Let me know if you are still having these problems.
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    I sync with 10.3 and Entourage X including Memopad to my T600 with no problems. I had updated (?) from a Tungsten T2 and that did not work well. I had to get everything into Entourage and then set all prefs to Entourage "overwrites" handheld of the first sync, since then it works fine.


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