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    my back light keeps comming on, I know this has been discussed in other forums as to having sprint business connection affecting it, but i dont have business connection and this problem occurs even when the wireless mode is off? does any one else have this issue?
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    It's one of your third-party apps acting badly. You could always try removing them one or two at a time to find the culprit...

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    ...Aw, heck. That wasn't helpful. Sorry.
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    I see let me ask you this, I have not added any third party apps, except the ones that were automatically added during the down loading of desk top software, could these be causing it? has any one else had similar issues
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    Hi there,

    Kevin from Handspring here. You may already be aware of this, but when troubleshooting, its always good to ask the simplest question first. Did you perhaps press a key or touch the screen? This comes from Handspring support pages:

    The backlight turns on automatically, every time you press any key or tap the screen. It turns off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.


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    What the $#%@? I've noticed mine doing this as well. The only thing I can think of that could be causing this is having the easter egg activated. Maybe it's trying to drive a taxi by and turning the screen on to do so? I'm confused.

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    Well, I know the first poster said his wireless mode was off so I would have thought it was an app too. However, with wireless mode on when you go through a weak signal area and then come back into signal the screen will light up. The i300 and Treo300 did this also.
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    I'm pleased to see that Handspring, via Mr. Michaels, has some interest in this subject. Mr. Michaels has not provided the answer, however, as least as it occurs on my Treo. The problem first came to my attention when my Treo was on the night stand next to my bed, the light kept coming on, and then off, continuously throughout the night. It was laying on its back and no one was touching it. So--the cause is certainly something other than someone touching the keys.
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    when i took it to the sprint store the tech said the same thing so i simply placed the unit on the counter (with wireless off, no third party apps, no business connection) and the thing lit up like three times, the only thing that sucks is when you return it, there is no quick exchange cause the stores are out, so im treoless for the moment, i talked to sprint support and they said they have not heard of this issue.... although im not surprised also mine does not turn off automatically it goes by what i have it set to...30 sec
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    I'm in the same boat ... I noticed the backlight auto on-off thing about 2-weeks ago. Even after a hard reset it still happens .. must be Sprint's problem.
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    It turns out that sloppily written applications can inadvertantly turn on the display during execution of an "alarm" (basically, an internal wakeup). This used to happen in the early days of Chatter's development, so I'm VERY aware of the problem from personal experience.

    It COULD be a Sprint problem, but I sincerely doubt it. I have NEVER seen this happen on my Treo 600; I also have but one 3rd party application.

    Is someone really saying that a hard-reset Treo with NOTHING ADDED afterwards exhibits this behavior? I sincerely doubt it, but anything's possible...

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    Mine will do this if ptunes is playing a song. The second I turn ptunes off it quits the backlight thing.
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    mine does it when i have AOL active.
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    I have the same problem. My light comes on even when left on alone (every few minutes). I have tried hard reset and SMS and deleting Business connection. I don't want to return because otherwise unit works great. Would love to find easy solution. Handspring help??
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    GSM version does it as well...
    Noticed it this morning.

    I wouldn't put it down to 3rd party apps as some people are experiencing the problem without having any installed.

    Bug ?
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    When you say backlight coming on by itself did you mean the screen backlight, or keyboard backlight, or both? I saw for the first time last night (in a darkened room) the key board backlight (not the screeen backlight) coming on by itself for a second in duration at intervals of a minute. I had just installed ChatD
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    Anyone here using KeyCaps600 and experiencing this problem??? Mine just started happening and I notice it more when the unit is charging....


    Lee Ladisky
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    I've noticed the same thing happening on mine. I assumed that it "wakes" itself up to check the HSmail app. I don't use any third party apps (this week) or Business Connection.
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    Any new ideas regarding this problem? I'm having the same issues - backlight comes on and stays on 2 minutes after connecting the charge cord. I have the same fear as other members - screen burn-in.
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    seeing same issue here...screen will light up all by itself abd stay on for 3 minutes....would like to find a solution for this
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