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    Based on everything written above, I think there are two causes for this issue:

    1. Phone wakes up when going in and out of weak signal areas.

    2. Sloppily written third party apps (see Mblank's post above).

    So if you live or travel in weak signal areas, expect this to happen. Also, if you have a bunch of third party apps on your Treo, expect this to happen. Obviously, the combination of both will lead to some frustrating, but harmless, times (I fit into this camp!).
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    I have had this happen in the past and found the answer in an other forum. It happened with the 270s too.

    Make sure you don't have an SMS in the queue trying to send. When it tries, it turns on the screen. Clear the queue, no problem.

    Worked for me. =)

    - SirNod
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