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    Hi. Just got my HS headphone adapter and I connected my Sound Feeder 100 that I've had forever to it hoping to be able to play MP3's in the car. I launched PTunes and started playing a song and it came out of the internal speaker on the T600. The headphone adapter was connected to the phone and I verified that it sitting firmly in place, I pulled it out slightly to see if there was a bad connection and nothing would make it stop playing from the internal speaker. All the while the SF100 was connected to the HS adapter.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have similar problem - internal loudspeaker always one and never any output from jack - trid various 2.5mm adapters now
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    All I can say is keep trying lads. I tried various 2.5mm jacks where I had the same problem until I came across one from a shop which cost me 2.99. It didnt fit properly at first, I had to trim a bit from around the end of it, but it works fine now.
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    Thanks, after your post I took a file to my adapter and removed the metal boss on the jack - and now it works fine! The part I'm using is a RS Components 177-699 at 99pence

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