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    C-Palm in Ratu Plaza got 100 of them in today, arrived in the store about 2 PM. I got mine already and it is charging now. I am excited.

    They are charging $750 each and all 100 are spoken for, but if you get there fast you might get one of them...
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    heh....mahal skaleeee......aka freaking expensive
    oh well, am still waitin for the t-mobile one, or better still, an unmarked one.
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    I called C-Palm on Mon. They told me # of incoming units < 100. I doubt they can sell all at once. The units are probably distributed to other resellers.

    Duta Gemilang in Roxy Mas and a store in Ambasador mall also sells it. At Rp. 6.5 mio, too expensive.

    Also C-Palm doesn't have a model to try out.
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    I got mine last week for a tad under Rp. 6 million. I can't tell you how (but you can guess ;-). The person at C-Palm called me up earlier today and told me that the units have arrived. They come with a year's worth of Satelindo GSM subscription. Pretty kewl deal, I think. Satelindo now has unlimited GPRS access for Rp. 25K a month. However I bet this is because they haven't implemented their GPRS billing system yet. Once their system goes live, goodbye to unlimited access.

    Anyway for all Jakartans out there, I have Telkomsel and their GPRS coverage is pretty poor. What bugs me is that the Treo doesn't always detect the GPRS signal in areas where there is GPRS. Only when I turn off the wireless then turn it back on again, the Treo can connect to GPRS. Anybody experience the same thing? There's a thread here about Orange users experiencing similar issues but the conclusion of that thread is the poor service from Orange. I don't think that's what I'm experiencing here. I think it's the (my) Treo's problem.

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