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    We are running a logo design contest @!

    The winner will recieve a free t600 cradle!

    Logo design specs:

    a.) entry provided in gif format, editable format will be required (photoshop psd w/layers) if logo wins
    b.) must be sized exactly 153 pixels wide, and 30-40 pixels high
    c.) must not exceed 4k in file size (smaller is better)
    d.) display best on a white background
    e.) display the site name ( as well as a place to display the page name.

    To submit your entry, please attach the image to an email and send it to The same address may be used for questions regarding this contest.

    Deadline for entries is midnight EST on November 13, 2003. We will pick a winner within 24 hours and will notify the winner via e-mail. Please allow sufficient time to ship the prize.

    Good luck!
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    We got our first few entries today - keep em' coming!
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    tag for later

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