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    including support for our Treo 600!
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    If you ran out and downloaded Mergic prior to Nov. 4, download it again. They just posted 1.1a, which is an update to the originally released 1.1.

    1.1a fixes an anoying PalmOS 5 / Treo 600 issue, in which it forces a network disconnect prior to creating the tunnel (which brings the network connection back up again). It wasn't a fatal problem, but it made the connection take three times longer than it needed to be.
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    Originally posted by JBoogie
    including support for our Treo 600!
    WOW! I just downloaded and installed the trial (version 1.1a) and it works great! I was able to establish a secure connection between my Treo 600 and my Windows XP Pro desktop. I then launched palmVNC and was able to connect over a secure link. Thanks for the post JBoogie!

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    Here is the typical newbie question. Is there a comprehensive how-to explanation on how to use this software and how it integrates with PalmVNC 2.0 or Winhand? I know...there are user guides, but does anyone have a simple, step-by-step that they can provide. I am trying to access my work schedule from the company server and it initially installs a Citrix download. Hopefully I can avoid this by accessing the site via my home computer...Thanks, in advance for your assistance.
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    Never mind, I think I have it...

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