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    Hi All,

    I'm new here. I bought a used Treo 270 and got it activated on one of the cell carriers. Everything is find, except for one thing, The sim card holder comes out when i take it out of the holster case.
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this, or do I just go to Handspring and get it replaced, or is there someone who has sim card holder from an old 180 or something that they're willing to part with.

    The phone does have 2 mths warranty on it. But, I'm wondering if there is an easier way than dealing with the hassle of Customer service, etc.
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    I seem to remember reading a post a while back describing this problem. Indeed, as time goes by, the spring mechanism keeping the SIM card holder tends to give a bit, resulting in loss of contact. The solution was to drill a little hole in the holder, and screw it shut.
    I thought this was a neat solution, and have been keeping it in mind if my Treo developped a similar problem.
    Hope this helps.
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    Placing a piece of clear packing tape should do the trick. I also recall an earlier post suggesting the application of a strip of plastic laminate tape which can be found in those little vending machines. I've had my 270 for 4 months and have not had any problems with the SIM door opening. And, I've used both the holster from Handpring and one from Brookstone. So, you may have a defective door. I'd avoid the drill-and-screw option.
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    I have the SIM-card-loses-contact problem too. I have bent the spring back into place about every other month, but now the thing holding down the spring is coming loose.

    I can't believe someone thought this was the way to go... cheap plastic hingey door in a pressure-sensitive area (when I wear the Treo in the sling case on my belt, the SIM card area is kinda hanging out, waiting to get hit).

    I think another SIM card door would fix the problem, but I don't know if it would start up again.
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    I experienced the same problem, and i used to pull it back every few days, but suddenly I over pulled it and it was broken but stil hanging or attached to the holder by very small remnants of plastic, i hold on and quickly get somesort of strong glue called here in Egypt Amir Alpha, or super glue, and dropped a little drops between the spring and the body of the holder. It was avery good idea as it weld the broken part again and in the same time the clotted part between the spring and the body of the holder prevented it from get loose again. Try it and tell us about the result.

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    To be fair, HS did recognise the problem and replaced the SIM cover on later units with a more reliable and secure closing mechanism.

    Maybe if you ask them nicely, they will send you a new door...

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