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    I'm having significant problems with muffled sound on my new Treo 600 (Sprint), both through the regular earpiece and the headphone (tried several different ones from other vendors as well as the included earbud). It's as though is a problem with the digital-to-analog conversion since it doesn't seam to matter which speaker is used.

    I saw an earlier thread with a few users who had exchanged their 600, but still have a muffled sound problem. The thread died with no resolution. I'm using a rev B, the this earlier thread indicated all versions seemed to have a problem.

    I've had several phones (Motorola, Nokia, Sanyo, Samsung), but this is the first with this problem and my first time with Sprint. Is this a Sprint call quality problem or are others experiencing this on their 600s?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I love nearly everything thing about the 600 except the call quality, which is critical. I've had it 7 days, and only have a few left to return it.

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    The Treo 600's sound is muffled and less clear compared to other Sprint phones. This is not a Sprint quality problem, it seems to be a manufacturer and/or model-specific issue. My Samsung A500 has crisp, clear quality compared to the Treo. I bought a Sanyo 8100 but it's sound was even more muffled than the Treo 600 to the point that I returned it within days.

    Unfortunately you'll just have to decide if the sound quality is enough to make you go with a different phone (Samsung's are crisp and clear, Sanyo's are less so), or a different carrier.
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    The headsets i got with my treo 600s both are muffled. They are not nearly as good as the headsets that came with the treo 300. But they are usable so i dont care.
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    Originally posted by craigdts
    The headsets i got with my treo 600s both are muffled. They are not nearly as good as the headsets that came with the treo 300. But they are usable so i dont care.
    After taking a long drive this weekend and talking alot, yes the headphone is VERY muffled and the earpiece is also muffled.

    Is this just normal with the 600?

    It just isn't nearly as crisp as the 300... its like there is no high end and you have to ask the caler to repeat themsevles often.

    I have used several headsets.

    Does this happen on EVERYONE's Treo 600? Or did anyone have this problem and return it for one that didn't?

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    After much testing and research, I decided to switch to the Samsung i500. I know it's older technology with limitted features, but it gives me good sound (critical requirement), voice recording (I use this for notes while I'm driving), a great form factor (small flip that protects the screen in my pocket), and built-in voice dialing that work amazingly quickly and with a level of accuracy I've not seen in other implementations.

    The Treo 600 is an awesome piece of technology. I'll miss it's many advanced features. But for my needs, the clarity of sound, voice recording, voice recording, and ability to fold it and stick it in my jeans pocket without a protective case outweigh the rest.

    Thanks for all your input... Now I need to find a good i500 board, which could be a challenge!
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    Do this "muffled" only happen when using headset? Or are they the same without the headset?

    If it happnes only with headset I think it may be that the headset plug is not fully plugged in because the stupidly designed jack is recessed too far. Even if the headset is fully plugged in at first it can be pushed out slightly gradually thus the muffled sound - this is my theory.

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