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    I am evaluating Docs to Go and at least in the Word program the 5-way navigator does not seem supported (except that up-down does page up/page down). Is there a version or setting I am missing, or does one need to use the stylus to move the cursor?
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    I think you need the full priced and current version of DtG for Palm OS 5/5-way nav compatibility--check out:
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    I think the eval copy I have is a full copy of the latest version. It's just that it can only be used for 30 days. I am assuming this since once purchased one just enters a registration code...
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    Docs to go doesn't support 5 way navigation yet. Hopefully soon.
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    DataVis says that the 5-way nav button is not supported on the Treo 600. They gave no indication as to when it will be supported, but did say the more complaints they get, the faster they'll get around to fixing it. So, if you like Docs to Go and have or plan to get a Treo 600, you might consider sending them an email.

    It's particularly annoying given the T600 comes with a stripped down version of Docs to Go with explicit encouragement to upgrade. One would think the upgrade would have been made to work with the T600!

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