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    Hello All. I'm a new treo 600 user (this is the coolest thing on the planet...).

    Being a gadget loving guy, I purchased the ITrek Mouse GPS from (great service by the way) and got myself the Mapopolis Navigator software. It work amazingly well the first time - voice prompts, reasonable accurate positioning - very nice!

    However, now, after about 15-30 seconds of use, the GPS seems to cause the Treo 600 to lock up (hard-reset type lock up). I got a GPS compass app from that seems to suffer the same problem (although the lock-up is not as sever and I can exit the app without restarting the Treo). Based on that I don't think its a flaw in Mapopolis. Has anyone else got a similiar setup? Do I need a replacement GPS?

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    I had the same problems using Mapopolis Navigator. Just try to delete the application and the maps and reinstall it. That seems to solve the problem.
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    Thanks for the tip. I tried that but no luck.

    After some tinkering, I finnally figured it out. I have the Sprint PCS Treo 600 with the Buisness Desk app to do push email from my Exchange mailbox. You MUST disable the push and automatic polling for the serial GPS to work correctly. All good now.

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    The Mapopolis software that you got, is it this one?
    It says that is is NOT compatible with Handspring devices which is why I never got it before but if it does in fact work then I will give it a shot.
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    I would love to get one of these GPS devices, but I don't have 110 bucks to spend. Anybody know of any cheaper devices, around $50 or so? Any drops in functionality?

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    I was seriously considering the iGolf GPS <> but the itrek mouse, although not self contained, is MUCH less expensive. One question though, does this come with Mapopolis software, or do you have to purchase it separately? I noticed on the Mapopolis site they sell the mouse with software.
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    How do you connect this particular GPS to your Treo? Which cable did you order?
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    Here's what I did:

    1. The Mapopolis Software is free - you only pay for the maps. I got the software running first and bought the GPS just to make sure. The maps are $100 a year, but you can just download what you want and burn a CD right before time runs out The annual subscription from Mapopolis is the same price as anyone else sells it, so just buy straight from them.

    2. What you want is the i.Trek Mouse GPS for PDA and pick Handspring as the type of cord. You get the mouse GPS and a Y adapter that powers the GPS and charges your Treo at the same time. This device is about $110 or so.

    Total price is about $200 or so.

    I finally got the technical bugs worked out. Aparently the Business Desk app that pushes email and such to the Treo on Sprint (no idea about the other providers) causes Mapopolis to crash in a way that completely locks up the Treo forcing hard reset. The solution to this is simply disable the auto/scheduled sync tool while using the GPS. This isn't a big sacrifice as I usually don't read email in the car (at least not while the wife is watching).

    I used the setup VERY successfully on my trip over Thanksgiving to find my sister's new house. Worked perfectly. But I am sad to say that it seems my GPS mouse has a short or some defective wiring as it only powers up intermitently now. Semsons has been very good with customer service so I'm hoping that holds.
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    What is the procedure to move maps into the Treo, and how much space do the maps take up?
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    Very helpful GPS info! I had been planning on waiting for a bluetooth SD card for the Treo 600 to use with my present GPS receiver, but I assume the maps need to be stored on the SD card-- so I didn't quite know how to solve that since the bluetooth would take up the slot.

    Your solution sounds interesting... it would be good to hear how the technical problem is solved with your power cord.

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    OK - I went to the Mapopolis site and downloaded and installed the software. Everything works great. I'm interested in purchasing maps but I'm a little confused.

    From what I see:
    There are two download editions. Navigator with GPS support ($99) and Platnum without GPS support ($34). Both are a subscription service.

    I also see a link to a CD rom version sold by Mobileplanet that is "Platnum+GPS Edition" ($49.95)

    It seems like the Platnum+ is the best deal unless there is some functionality that is missing.

    Anyone have clarification?
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    Anybody try this i.trek with the Streetlas handheld 2003 s/w?
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    From what I understand:

    Maps get copied from the card to the RAM in order to be used. This could be wrong, but again, my understanding is that they can't be run from the SD card. Thus when they bring out a BT card you will be able to use it with Mapop, provided you transfer the map over first, or if the BT car has built in memory.

    Size wise, as an example, the platinum map for the whole of London is about 5meg.

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the Platinum version does not have voice navigation, and Navigator does, thus the price difference.

    Personally, I am waiting for a BT card so I can use a BT GPS jobby. Here is my reasoning:

    My plan is to upgrade to a newer version of the Treo when it comes out, in any time between 3 months and a year. In all likelyhood, from what everyone has said on all the forums and from all my hopes, it will be Bluetooth and hi res.

    Therefore, it would be silly to spend large amounts of money on a GPS wired mouse for the Treo, which may not be compatible with a future model. I would rather, wait for the SD BT card and make sure of future compatibility (using a BT GPS receiver). This way I am covered whatever Palm / Handsping do, provided BT, a major technology included in the most recent Palm models (inc the T3) is available, which due to the current demand, is highly likely.

    At that point I will hopefully move to Viewsonic, on which the maps look far better and the functions look far more advanced than those of Mapopolis. Viewsonic requires hi res which is why is is not currently an option.

    In the meantime I will wait and buy a BT car, BT GPS and mapopolis when all of them are available.
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    Correct about the card. The Maps only run from Onboard memory meaning that you'll want to store them on the card and then copy them into the device.

    I think dixter is a bit optimistic about the arrival of Bluetooth but I too hope he's right

    As for Map Versions - you want the Navigator ones ($99). They have the turn-by-turn routing with voice prompts. There are supposed to be points of interest overlays for these maps, but I haven't figured out how to use them yet.

    As for technical problems with the power cord, I haven't had any. My treo charges as expected and seems to work perfectly.
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    Does Mapopolis have topo maps. I have a Garmin eMap with topo maps, because I'm mostly interested in using it outdoors. From the discussions in this thread so far I gather that most of you are more interested in street maps. Would the type of hardware and software you're discussing for the Treo 600 also work for outdoor useage? Or is there a way I could use my eMap in conjunction with my Treo to enhance the GPS the Garmin has? Of course, I'd like it best if I could depend solely in the Treo 600. Any thoughts on these topics would be appreciated.
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    Here's what I'm-a gonna try, lessn somebody convinces me it won't work...

    I have a Garmin GPS 40.
    Buying a Garmin to PC serial cable.
    Get a serial cable male/female adapter.
    Get a serial to Treo 600 cable.
    Buy and install Mapopolis on the Treo 600.
    =Run the Garmin through the Treo.

    whatcha think?
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    For all your Mapolpolis questions, here's a link to the PDF users guide... good reading.
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    I ordered the I-Trek mousse from Semson on Friday - with PDA model Handspring Treo as my PDA choice.. Today I see that my order is on hold - and there is NO Handspring Treo listed as an option to order on their website. Did they have this or not? Why isn't it available just after I ordered it? Has anyone received one for Semson? Is the another source for just the mousse? I just bought Mapopolis Navigator, so I don't want to order the $199 GPS package from Mapopolis. Grrrrr.
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    Originally posted by cyberjnke
    Here's what I'm-a gonna try, lessn somebody convinces me it won't work...
    Hey cyberjnke, please let us know if this works. I have a Garmin & a Garmin serial cable, and was thinking of trying the same thing. Do you know of a cheaper place the Handspring to buy the Treo serial cable?

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    Originally posted by dakshah

    Hey cyberjnke, please let us know if this works. I have a Garmin & a Garmin serial cable, and was thinking of trying the same thing. Do you know of a cheaper place the Handspring to buy the Treo serial cable?


    Whilst investigating this possibility, I came across this link for Garmin - PDA cables that you might find interesting...

    Think I'll get the one for my M105. Found some freeware that is similiar to the Garmin mapping display that I put on the M105.. all I need is the cable and I can throw the Garmin on the dash and mount the 105. I'll post the link if you want --- it's on the 'other' computer...

    There's also some Garmin cable kits with one end of loose wires so that a person can wire the other end to fit the specific needs. The issue is that the connection needs to be a 'null modem' connection. Here's another interesting link with info about Garmin and PDA's ...

    and... no, haven't seen any cheaper cables.
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