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    What is wrong with the iGolf SD GPS ? It sounds pretty cool. Maybe a bit expensive but if you want the latest you have to pay.

    SD GPS receiver

    iGolfgps v.2 for Palm and Pocket PC

    Mapopolis Platinum GPS

    Introductory Price: $299.99
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    Sorry, forgot to include the URL:
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    What GPS software do you suggest for the Treo 600? I'm using Mapopolis Navigator but sincerely I don't like it so much.
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    I'm thinking about investing in the mapopolis navigator gps package, and I was wondering how you were making out with your unit.
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    Overall I thinks its about a 70% solution. There's plenty of stuff that doesn't work right and I could complain, but I've got the voice routing working and that's all I really bought it for. If they could just give it support for the 5 way nav device I'd be really happy.
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    Ditto on the voice-routing requirement. If that feature works flawlessly, I'll be a happy man! I've already ordered my iTrek from semsons. Should be here next week Tuesday.

    BTW, do you have your iTrek roof-mounted or dashboard mounted?

    Found some interesting info in a review about the chipsets in the iTrek and the Holux GPS receivers. It seems the iTrek's SiRF IIe/LP chipset is superior to the SiRF IIe chipset in the Holux, as far as signal reacquisition, reactivity, GPS receiver placement and sensitivity are concerned. The interesting thing about this is that the GPS bundle being marketed with the Treo 600 on the mapopolis site is this very same Holux mentioned in the review. However, the review was conducted in May 2003, so it may not be accurate as of now, but it makes for a good read.

    Find the review at
    -- "In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" --
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    what is wrong with Igolf??? Well what is wrong with it is that so far it is vapor!! I ordered it months ago., It currently is about 5 weeks beyond it's orginal release date and still counting. The company is rather stingy with it's updating us with info. The only info I get is when I call them, but frankly it is all lip service. But I am still going to hang in there. The nice thing is there are no cables and it is therefore able to be easily used when walking. It will work anywhere you can walk, so you can use it on a walking trip of a city etc. Will report on it when it arrives, thake care, Jay
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    can you use the itrek or mapopolis package with the treo 600 without actually plugging the gps unit in the cigareete lighter?
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    -- "In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" --
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    I have an older generic SiRF GPS with a serial port on it...think with a serial to USB cable I could get this to work?
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    I too have an older GPS receiver that came in a package with StreetAtlas 2003 with a USB connection. Does anyone know of a place that sells these at a reasonable price? I've seen some, but they run $60, and that package was only $120 a year ago or so. And can anyone say how good the turn by turn directions are? The StreetAtlas 2003 running from my laptop didn't work well enough for me. Thanks.
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    I have it on my dash sitting on one of those static contact mats they sell at office depot (to put sunglasses, cell phone etc on). It works very well. No movement at all. I'm thinking about roof mounting it, but I want to make sure the thing isn't going to go out on my again before I tear up trim to route cables.

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    I just read about this new GPS receiver that sounds very interesting:

    It says it's designed for Palm(R)OS5-based handhelds [what's the "R" mean?], plus it's Bluetooth enabled. It even talks about using an SD Card to store its data on the handheld.

    What I'm wondering is whether it's going to be compatible with the Treo 600. Something tells me it won't be, but I'd like to hear what others think. It's somewhat pricey at $300.
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