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    It appears that after upgrading to Sprint Business Connection 6.0, a hotsync no longer syncs BC mail on my Treo 300. Anyone able to sync BC mail using hotsync after upgrading to 6.0?
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    After talking with Sprint tech support I think the short answer is that after the update, Business Connect e-mail function only updates wirelessly.

    You will notice on your mail program (non business connect) that the hotsynch does work albeit that this program can not synch wirelessly. I had never used this mail program before, it is the envelope icon on your programs page.

    Just the way it is now.

    Thanks for your post as I had the same problem, surprised there are not similar experiences but maybe they were handled in a similar post.
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    Thanks Peabody.
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    what program are you talking about..on the PC?

    Never mind I had it set to do nothing...this sux

    What even sucks more is that when talking to a Sprint level 2 tech He was like "Oh you could never do that you must be wrong"

    Yeah I could never do that..i have must have been smoking crack fot the past year.

    Sprint techs are idiots Thank god for this board.
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