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    It's called 3gpp. It handles audio and/or video and it can also stream from servers.

    It is based on open standards (mp4) and is ISO-compliant (not Microsoft proprietary).

    I found this by accident:

    Because I wanted a better ringer format other then .midi files. My other phone used .qcp files (converted .wav files). But anyway, this file format could be used for everything and it would be open to everyone to use (convert your own movies, make ringers, stream from your own computer, etc.)

    Maybe not for the current version, but I'd like to see PalmOne move to this direction. DoCoMo is using this for their new phones. Their based in Japan and are usually on the forefront of technology and phone-streaming stuff.

    Check out the link and tell me what you think. If you think this is a good direction for phones, recommend it to Handspring on their suggestion page:
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    I hate to bump my own post. But Palm phones need a universal file format for audio/video. As it stands, OS 5 can only recognize .mid sound and no video. This .3gp file format could be used for most new a/v needs in the future.

    i won't bump again, promise....
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    FYI, I recall reading that Pixer MMS for Palm OS is already 3GPP compliant. I wonder if they would be interested in creating a 3GPP sound manager for the Treo600?
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    Pixer is only 3gpp MMS compliant, meaning it conforms to the messaging system of 3gpp. This is just a small part of 3gpp.

    PalmOne needs a 3gpp compliance at the system level so we can take advantage of .3gp to watch movie files, use as ringer file, watch streamed movies from servers, etc. This would pretty much take care of all a/v needs.

    But I don't think pixer would help with anything but as a mms app to communicate to other 3gpp mms devices. I could be wrong.

    i just noticed pixer doesn't work on cdma. I'm on sprint. oh well.
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