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    I reg'd almost a week ago and haven't yet received my email msg. Has this worked for anyone else?


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    mine (pocket tunes) arrived a couple of minutes after i registered - maybe you made a typo or a spam filter picked it out ?

    i registered via a regular email account on my pc - not via the treo - didn't even occur to me to do it that way but it should have
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    mine didn't work off the cd, but it did work the next day within 5 minutes when i used the same url via my PC browser
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    I got the e-mail from HS with the URL for downloading the "free software" about 4-5 days after registering the new Treo. Some got it quicker, but I think many had to wait a number of days.
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    I registered from my computer and never got a thing. However, I read another thread on this board that suggested registering from the Treo itself and putting in my Sprint address, which I did and got the software within 3 minutes of registering. Go figure?!?
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    Count me as someone who got thiers immediately.
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    I had to call several times. In the end, they pushed me out to this link:
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    registered (via pc), blinked, got it.
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    Took 5 minutes for mine to arrive.
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    Try registering a second time with same information. You can download the other app that you didn't get the first time. It worked for me.

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    Registered via PC, heard a "You gotta message" 2 mins later and there it was!
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    I also didn't get the link when I registered.. i tried registering w/ the same email addy.. and got an error message saying that I had already registered and if there was a problem to call a 800 number.. i called and spoke to someone and they immediatly fowarded me by the dispatcher on the line...

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    Hi there,

    can't seem to get the software with incessant running around and redirection after trying to register. Anybody out there can just email me a copy of ptunes?

    And btw, I couldn't get docs to go to work as well... the program seems to be synced onto my treo but when I click on the docstogo icon, it just flashes and sends me back to the launcher. I'm perplexed. Can anyone just email me the program that DOES work? Or is there something special I've got to do to make it work?

    thanks in advance!!

    email :
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    Got my T-tunes software the same day that I registered my Treo600. BTW,...I am posting this wirelessly...from a highway rest area somewhere in huh?


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