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    When I first got the Sprint 600, switching from other apps to Blazer was instant. Now, with more apps and bookmarks installed, it takes 6 seconds to go from other apps to Blazer. I have Blazer's initial view set to bookmarks, I get a blank page for 6 seconds before the bookmarks come up. Soft reset does not help. Anyone else experience this? I am about to delete third party apps one by one and see if it helps. Last resort is a hard reset.
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    Found your post with a search. I'm having the same problem, only worse. It takes literally 30 seconds to access Blazer. When I click on Web, the screen is white for that long before the app appears. This does not include time to hook up to Vision. All default settings on Preferences. Software rev: 1.20-SPR, Hardware rev: C

    Are you still having this problem? Anyone else?
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    Thanks for the tip, that fixed my delay too. You can also clear the cookies by using Blazer/Options/Preferences/Advanced/Memory Management.
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    Clearing the cookies fixed my problem as well. Thanks!

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