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    Did you know that if you are dialing a call from your Sprint phone and while it is ringing, you will not get call waiting if a call comes in? Furthermore, there's no record of that call in the call log. The only way you'l know if a call came in is if the caller left you a voice mail or sent you a text message. Same is true if you are on the web and the data arrows are green. That means a lot of missed calls if you are on the web a lot. The really bad part is the no logs in Call logs so you can't see who called. I think this is a serious flaw. Can this be fixed by Sprint or is this a limitation of CDMA or Sprint's implementation of CDMA. Is Verizon's CDMA the same?

    PS. When you are talking to *2 (Sprint Customer Service). Did you know that call waiting is also disabled? That means when you're on hold for 45 minutes with your well trained Sprint CSR, there's no call waiting and no call logs. I wonder why Sprint did that? Let's hear some good answers here!
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    It's unfortunately a limitation of CDMA. When data is *actively* transmitting your wireless channel is blocked from anything else. If the call doesn't come in at all, it can't be logged. It's something we have to live with :\
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    With respect to calls that come in while dialing, the same is true of analog land lines. Depending on your voicemail set up, the call will either ring busy or go straight to voicemail. It will not show up on your CallerID log.
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    It seems like CDMA carriers could potentially set up software that would send information about incoming calls over the data connection if it's active. Maybe someday...

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