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    I have set Snapper to automatically fetch my mail from Fastmail. It comes on (lights up the screen) when it's supposed to fetch, but it just remains at the welcome snapper screen and the screen says push the middle button to unlock the keyguard. Can I still receive my mail from snapper if the keyguard is on, it's not doing so now.
    Thanks for the help everyone.
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    Mine works with keyguard on. I wish I could give you a better clue for a fix.
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    Hmm... I'm watching it right now. The screen just lit up on the main snapper screen and the Lock is on the bottom "Keyguard: Press Center button to unlock" And then it doesn't check and just goes back off...
    Any ideas anyone?
    So yours works fine wireless-doc... I'll keep on looking.
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    something to do with the settings. I read this on a thread last week about changing the settings for phone 'availablity.' I don't remember exactly so do a search. I don't have Snappermail.
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    Just tried searching for Snappermail Availability. No luck. Nothing really pertinant to what I'm looking for. Thanks though.
    I'll keep on fooling around with it.
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    Alright, we can close this one. I just recieved my password to register the software, and hey what do you know. It now fetches fine one it's own. Thanks for the help!

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