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    Handspring now says the car kit is on back-order - avaialble at the end of the month. I guess it is on it's way.
    NOW - why does it not work for the Sprint models??????
    I have Spint - many of you have Sprint.
    Why can't we use this car kit? What's the difference? Isn't it the same serial and audio plugs on both??
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    I don't have "Spint", i'm going to get a car kit when they come out!!
    You could always switch carriers just to get a car kit!
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    Originally posted by randyg
    I don't have "Spint", i'm going to get a car kit when they come out!!
    You could always switch carriers just to get a car kit!
    I think the complaint is that most of the Treo 600s that are out now in the US are from Sprint since they released them first. The car kit for the CDMA version should have been ready. I don't want to get into the whole CDMA vs. GSM in the US thing now either so maybe the guy just wants to stick with Sprint. I know that I do and I want the car kit too.
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    What is the difference between the two kits???????
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    Here is Sprint's reply regarding the difference between the Sprint PCS version and the GSM version. Is there really a difference in the form factor of the phone between GSM and CDMA? Read on:

    "Thank you for contacting palmOne, formerly Handspring.

    We are sorry for any confusion regarding the Treo 600 Car Kit. The car kits are a form fit accessory. Due to the differences in the CDMA and GSM radios, the form of the Treo 600 is slightly different.

    At this time, we only know the software is require to allow the car kit to properly function with the Treo 600.

    palmOne, formerly Handspring, Corporate offices has not provided us on why it delayed for the Sprint version. Although Handspring will be selling this accessory, it is still manufactured by THB and there may be a delay on their end.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you need further assistance please call Sales at 1-888-565-9393.


    palmOne, formerly Handspring, Email"

    So how long will it take THB to make a cradle for the Sprint version? I don't believe this answer. It doesn't make sense.
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    It is not just the Car kits, it is also the same case with the destop Cradles?????

    I called handspring to order a cradle for my Sprint Treo 600 and they told me I would have to wait until April?????

    I have to wait a half a year for a cradle and a car kit?????


    Looks like my Sprint Treo 600 is going back to Handspring.

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    OK, Jakester, I now have a cradle and car kit (of sorts) for my 600. Here's what I did:

    1. Cradle - eBay. Dan's cellular accessories - I got mine for like $14.99, and it's the same one as the branded Handspring one. In fact, my 600 is sitting in it now, playing Supertramp's Greatest Hits ('Dreamer', to be specific). Ordered it on Monday, and it arrived this afternoon. Awesome - same cable end and connector as my 300 cradle, so I didn't have to rewire my cable routing on my desk. Bonus!

    2. Car kit - I was doubtful of this, but it's worked, and here's what I did: Went to Radio Shack (always a question, in my mind, but I guess they've got answers), got the IRock FM transmitter for $30 or whatever. Got one more of the $2.99 2.5 to adapter things (that makes 3 for me now - totally able to use all my old headphones, speakers, etc - I rule). So - when I get in the car, I plug in the lighter charger and the IRock thing. That way, I can listen to my MP3s (if I so desire) via the Treo, and also place and take calls via the radio speakers and such. People who call me tell the call quality is just fine (and I was a bigtime earbud-in-the-car goob, and I'm very critical of call clarity and such). I was leery of this car solution, but it works, and is portable, and didn't require any big-time wiring or anything, so.....

    Might work for you as well! No need to wait 6 months.
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    nrosser - What are you using for a michrophone? Are you just placing it on speakerphone and using the internal mike?
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    sweet why did I haul off and buy the dang adapter for 12 bux shipped? lol...i am headed for radio shack tomorrow! thanks man
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    ya know, it's still a bit of a mystery to me. All I can say is - the phone rings (sound thru the radio speakers), and no, the phone isn't on spkr - it can't be, since the iRock thing is connected to the headset jack, and thus the phn spkrphn can't be active - SO, the phone rings, I hit the answer button, and I'm talking and hearing through the radio spkrs.
    Like I said - still kind of a mystery to me, but it works. Cool.
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    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Cool!
    I gotta try it.
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    can you pls list exactly the pieces parts you are using for your improvised car kit. i will try it this weekend. i am in dire need of a car kit.

    thank you,

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    Here's what I used to make this work (and I'm feeling particularly geekish later, I might even post a pic with it all in my car)

    1. Radio Shack inline adapter - part # 274-397. These have been talked about on other forums as well, and mine cost either $2.99 or $3.99. I now have 3 of them - one for the car, one for some just generic earbud/headphones, and one for some little speakers that I connect to the 600. The adapter is an inch and a half long, which is its only downside, from what I can tell. You'll need to grab your X-acto and neatly trim back a little tiny bit of plastic from the end where it plugs into the Treo. There are little rings down there, and if you're just a little careful, it can be done using the rings as a guide. Just start a little cut, work your way around on the ring, go a little deeper as you go around, and it's done. Mine all look like they came that way - no rough edges or crappy look.

    Here's the url for the adapter:
    (the pic doesn't accurately represent the size - I think they squished the pic to make it fit on the page)

    The adapter is what plugs into the Treo. Then the iRock plugs into the adapter.

    2. The iRock (or any other FM transmitter) - these have also been discussed at length on other forums. Some people haven't had success; others, like me, have. There are numerous sources - Best Buy, Circuit City, and numerous models - Belkin, IRock, etc. I just wanted to go someplace close to my house - RadioShack - and be done with it. In fact, I was planning to get the Belkin one from Best Buy, and when I went to RS to get the 3rd adapter, they had the iRock one there, and just said - what the heck, I'll just get this and I'm done.
    So - at RS they come in 2 versions - one with a car charger, and one without. They are the same price (at least they were at my store), so I got the one with the car charger, although I haven't used that yet. I just use AAA batteries. No issues there so far.

    Here's the URL:

    Although, again, the picture doesn't accurately represent the size. I'd day the little guy is about the size of a garage door opener. You can also see them at - .

    So the way this all works is in order to be able to hear either the MP3s or the phone via the radio, the radio must be tuned to a frequency (such as 88.3 - the iRock has 4 selections) and the iRock must be on that same frequency. When a call comes, I hit the answer button, and voila! I'm talking over the radio.

    Ok then, how about when I'm not on that 88.3 freq and a call comes in? Well, I have the 88.3 as a favorite/whatever they're called in car land, and I jump to that button on the radio (then I hear the phone ringing over the radio at that point), and hit answer, and I'm done.

    Go get all the goods, keep the receipts if it doesn't work out, and see what you think!
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    Originally posted by Rocklin
    What is the difference between the two kits???????
    Well I think there are two contractors building these for HS. One for GSM, one for CDMA. The form difference is the first I have heard on that. Their are links to info on the GSM manufacturers site over at HS now and the software is available for download. I can't see anything with the GSM kit that would make it GSM specific as all it is is an amplifier and and antenna for the radio parts. Since the CDMA version operates in the same frequency ranges as the GSM version, just using a different frequency usage and coding method, their is no reason that I can see as to why the amplifier wouldn't work with a CDMA phone.

    The info on the manufacturers site looks like it is a very good product. It uses a base unit, and then a phone specific cradle. It can be integrated into a good number of stereos with mute and play through the stereo and has a mute wire so if your car supports this (and many now do) you can at least mute the strereo. Also looks like some interesting options available. They have an LCD unit that recreates the phone screen for better view and it looks like they plan to add Navagation into this same screen in the future.

    Hopefully the CDMA manufacturer will have the same features. I have a nav system already with an LCD integrated into the car and would love to be able to hack the system and pipe in the Treo Screen on the Nav display when a phone call comes in or to surf the net on the 7" LCD.

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