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    Please someone tell me I don't have to live with the damn Tutorial, GetBC, Phone, Pictures, Software, Welcome, Security, Web buttons on the screen for the next 2 years? I have found no way to axe these icons. It would be nice if I could still access them via a menu system if per chance for some reason I needed them but I really dont want them cluttering up myscreen???? Thxs.
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    Create a new Category by opening the drop down list with Categories and selecting 'Edit Categories'. Then move the icons/apps that you don't want to see into this new category.

    For me the other way around works better: put the most frequently used apps in one category.
  3. #3 could try an app like this.

    It works for me...only downside is all hidden icons are restored after a soft reset, but simply going back into the invisible app and exiting rehides them so not a big deal.

    Hope this helps.


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